Paying via PayPal

Paying via paypal is quick, easy, and secure way to send or receive money.

Paypal Veterans: If you already have a paypal account then please enter “ when prompted for the recipient. Be sure to select “send money to family and friends” when prompted.

Membership Dues
Students     $20
Professors  $40

Those NEW to Paypal: If you are new to payal, then you’ll have to sign up for an account. There’s no cost to sign up. However, you will need either

1. Go to Paypal 

2. Select “Sign up”

3. Select “Personal Account”

4. Provide email address and password when prompted. Be sure to complete the security verification prompt below to ensure that you’re not a computer. Failure to do so will require that you start over.

5. Provide contact information when prompted, accept user agreement, and click “Agree and Create Account” when finished.

6. Enter information for the card you wish to associate with the account. Paypal allows you to pay via credit and debit. It does not release your card information to merchants.

Please send your payment to: Don’t forget to select “send money to family and friends” when asked how to send funds. Once your payment has been processed you will receive an email confirmation.

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